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Key projects in the railway sector since 2004

Since 2004, independent consultancy Railweb GmbH has been supporting international railway projects in the following areas.

TAF/TAP TSI data exchange between railways

Oct. 2016 – Feb. 2017 Cross-border survey on TAF TSI deployment: For a major European infrastructure manager (IM), survey of detailed implementation plans at four neighbouring countries’ IMs for the European TAF TSI standards on data exchange concerning rail freight.
Jan. 2015 – Feb. 2016 Data exchange: User-interface enhancement and international marketing of an online application for small rail freight operators (railway undertakings or RUs). It allows them to exchange data on train paths and compositions with other companies.
Dec. 2013 – June 2014 In Europe: Study of the current implementation of European TSI standards for data exchange between railways in freight (TAF TSI) and passenger services (TAP TSI) involving interviews with 46 key people at 31 organisations in eight countries.
Sept. 2012 – Nov. 2013 For two European railway groups: Implementation projects for TAF/TAP TSI. Focus: timing, consequences and opportunities. Domains: common interface, reference data, path request, train and path identifiers, preparation and tracking of trains in operation, tracking of wagons, and distribution (ticket sales).

ICT for rail freight

2010-2016 Operations and wagon fleets: Support for a German company in marketing and implementing in France its software for freight wagon fleet management and maintenance and for rail freight operations. Wrote a specification in French for the implementation of the software at a train operating company based in the Paris region.
2004-2007 Operating plans: Helped introduce a US company’s software for freight operations planning at a French rail operator. Worked with users to establish terminology compatible with both internal usage and the software’s concepts. Supported a study for the software’s implementation in Switzerland.

Development of rail freight

2011 Intermodal services: Studies for the development of intermodal services (rail-road combined transport)

  • Supported a French port authority in the organisation of a container service offering coordinated connections between short-sea links and intermodal hinterland services.
  • Strategic study for a major ocean shipping company on the implementation of their own European overland intermodal network.
  • For a tri-national association of Mediterranean ports, strategic study for the development of intermodal hinterland services, taking into account rail capacity issues such as loading gauge, speed and train length.
2007-2009 Development in France: Studies for the development of rail freight in France. Focus: intermodal services and terminals, and international traffic with Germany and Switzerland.

Rail operations planning

2008-2012 Operations planning: For a company that develops and applies software for rail operations planning, helped develop brochures, bids, annual reports and licence and maintenance contracts.
2006 Resource planning: Developed an online help system for the users of an integrated resource planning software package for rolling stock and train drivers.
2005 International path allocation: Documented the planning, order and allocation process for international train paths in Europe.

Rail infrastructure

Sept. 2014
Cable installation: For a French company whose machines lay cables along railway tracks, international communication and marketing, including website, videos, brochures, trade shows and customer acquisition.
2010-2012 Track maintenance: Helped a German company market its track maintenance technology in the US.
2010-2011 Electrical components for railway lines: Helped write the project catalogue of a supplier of electrical components for tracks, lines and catenary.

Signalling and traffic control

Since 2012 Signalling: articles and presentations by George Raymond:

  • Author of numerous articles for the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE).
  • Presentations at conferences in London (September 2012) and Lille, France (November 2014) that compared positive train control (PTC) in the US and ERTMS.
  • See his publications.
2008-2009 Renewal in Croatia: In a project to renew signalling at the main station of Zagreb, Croatia, evaluated and recommended revisions to an EU funds application and to the subsequent call for tenders.
2008 Guidance for train drivers: Surveyed systems in Switzerland and Europe that advise train drivers on optimal speed to minimise both energy use and delays when approaching conflict points.
2007, 2010 Traffic control: For Swiss and German clients, studies for the implementation in North America of European systems for rail traffic control and for the training of dispatchers.

  Engineering of railway vehicles

Since 2012 Engineering: Support for a European engineering group in developing marketing texts in the following areas: electrical and mechanical engineering, design of rolling stock and bogies, simulation and measurement, structural integrity, vibration and noise, expert opinions, procurement, supervision of manufacturing and acceptance.
Screens for train drivers: Analysis of competitors and development of the marketing strategy for a manufacturer of display screens for train drivers.