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The following is an alphabetic list of the main topics that this site covers, including English and in many cases German versions of the topic. Each entry is a link to the most relevant page in this site.

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Abschnitt, eingestellter (section reserved for approaching train)

aktuelle Zugsdaten (current train data)

alphabetic index (you are here)

Altstetten operator, tools of

Altstetten South (Altstetten Süd)

Altstetten traffic control center

animation of new operational pattern

announcements to passengers

Anschluss (connection between trains)

assigned track sections, display of (Zuglaufbild)

assuring safety

automatic driving

automatic routing of trains

automatic safety features

automatic speed optimization (Zuglaufoptimierung)

automatic train control (Zugüberwachungssystem)

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baggage, crossing for

Bahnhof, bedienter (manned station)

Bahnhofgleisabschnitt (track section within station area)

Barriere (gate at grade crossing)


basic train data (Grundzugsdaten)

bedienter Bahnhof (manned station)

Behinderung (obstruction)

betriebliche Anordnung (BETRANO) (operations preparation) in normal operations

betriebliche Anordnung (BETRANO) (operations preparation) in major disruptions

Betriebsbehinderung (operational conflict)

BETRANO (betriebliche Anordnung) (operations preparation) in normal operations

Betriebsleitzentrale (dispatching center)

block (Gleisabschnitt)

blocks, moving


British English


bus information

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cab signaling

change of train number (Nummerwechsel)

checklist for use when overriding automatic safety features

classification yard (Rangierbahnhof )

closeup screen (Lupenbild)

closeup view of fixed plant (Lupenbild)


conflict, operational (Betriebsbehinderung)

conflicts, overview of

conflicts in train routings

conflict point, automatic speed optimization when approaching a

conflicts surrounding work projects


connection (between trains) (Anschluss )

consistency checks for routing data

container train in Killwangen

control center (Stellwerk ) for traffic at Altstetten

crossing gates, display of

crossover (Spurwechsel )

crossovers, high-speed, east of Altstetten

crossovers, high-speed, east of Killwangen

current train data (aktuelle Zugsdaten )

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decisions, main

decision point for operator in control center (Dispohalt)

detailed dispatching (Feindisposition)

deviations from schedule, measuring

Dienstzug (non-revenue train)



dispatcher (Disponent)

dispatchers and operators compared

dispatcher's role

dispatcher's tools

dispatching (Disposition)

dispatching center (Betriebsleitzentrale)

dispatching, detailed (Feindisposition)

dispatching, minute-to-minute (Kurzdisposition)

dispatching software, choice of

display of assigned track sections (Zuglaufbild)

display of crossing gates, turnouts, and signals

Dispohalt (stop that is decision point for operator in control center)

Disponent (dispatcher)

Disposition (dispatching)

Dispozug (extra train)

disruptions, recovering from

driver (English term)

dwarf signal (Zwergsignal )

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e-mail, secure (MEMO-System)

emergency operation (Notbedienung) of a track section

engineer (U.S. English term)

entry of schedule and routing data

extra train (Dispozug / Extrazug)

Extrazug (extra train)

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Fahrdienstleiter (operator)

Fahrgastinformation (passenger information)

Fahrplan, graphischer (schedule in graphic form)

Fahrstrasse (train routing)

Fahrweg, eingestellter (routing reserved for a train)

Fahrwege, programmierte (programmed routings)

failure of a train, dealing with

false occupied status for a track section

Feindisposition (detailed dispatching)

Fernbereich (territory of traffic control center)

ferngesteuertes Stellwerk (multi-station traffic control center)

Fernstellwerk (multi-station traffic control center)

Fernsteurung (remote control for traffic control center)


festes Überblicksbild (fixed overview screen)

five main processes

fixed overview screen (festes Überblicksbild)

fixed plant, closeup view of (Lupenbild)

fixed plant, tradeoffs with schedule

Flash (animation software)

Flight Train ("Flugzug")

Flugzug ("Flight Train")

flyover, new (Überwerfung)

fog, effect of

forecasting train running times

freight train (Güterzug)

freight train running times, forecasting

freight trains in rush hour

freight vs. passengers?


future merger of dispatcher and operator roles

future train control

Funk (radio)

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gate at grade crossing (Barriere)


Gleis, gesperrtes (track out of service)

Gleisabschnitt (block)

Gleisbelegungsfahrplan (schedule with track assignments)

Gleisentsperrung (return of a track section to service)

Gleisfernmeldereinrichtung (occupation detector)

Gleissperrung (section out of service)

grade crossing gate (Barriere)

graphic form for schedule (graphische Fahrplan)

graphischer Fahrplan (schedule in graphic form)

green band (Grünband)

Grünband (green band)

Grundzugsdaten (basic train data)

GSM for voice communication

GSM for written communication

Güterzug (freight train)

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Hauptsignal (main signal)

high-speed crossovers

hurricaine, recovering from

hurricaine, information on

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ICN (Intercity Tilting Train) in Killwangen

ICN (Intercity Tilting Train) on new flyover

illustrations, list of

ILTIS - Integriertes Leittechnik-System (integated traffic control system)

IMS (Information Management System)

Information Management System (IMS)

Intercity Tilting Train (ICN) in Killwangen

Intercity Tilting Train (ICN) on new flyover

interlocking plant of type SIMIC-C at Altstetten

interlocking plant , overriding of (Umgehung des Stellwerks)


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Jahresfahrplan (schedule valid for one year)

Jahresprogramm (routing program valid for one year)

joining of two train sections (Vereinigung)

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Kreis (subdivision of SBB)

Kurzdisposition (minute-to-minute dispatching)

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left-hand track, running on (Linksbetrieb)

Limmattal classification yard

lineside signals, replacement of in future

Linksbetrieb (running on left track)

Lothar, (hurricaine) recovering from

Lothar, (hurricaine) information on

Lupenbild (closeup screen of fixed plant)


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main decisions

main processes, five

main signal (Hauptsignal)

main tasks for operations management

manned station (bedienter Bahnhof)


measuring deviations from schedule

MEMO-System (secure e-mail)

merger of dispatcher and operator roles

metric system

minute-to-minute dispatching (Kurzdisposition)

moving blocks

Mülligen freight yard

multi-station traffic control center (ferngesteuertes Stellwerk; Fernstellwerk, Fernsteuerung)

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national schedule planning

national train information

New England

New York

non-revenue train (Dienstzug)

Notbedienung (emergency operation of a track section)

numbering of track sections

Nummerwechsel (change of train number)

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occupation detector (Gleisfernmeldereinrichtung)

occupied status, track section with false


operation according to rules in case of a problem with the signaling system (Regelbetrieb )

operational conflict (Betriebsbehinderung)

operations preparation (betriebliche Anordnung; BETRANO) in normal operations

operations preparation (betriebliche Anordnung; BETRANO) in major disruptions

operator (Fahrdienstleiter)

operator's decision point (Dispohalt)

operator's role

operator's tools

optimization of speed, automatic

order of trains (Zugreihenfolge)

orders for special train movements (Zugsanordnung)

outer station tracks (Vorbahnhof in Zurich)

overriding of interlocking plant (Umgehung des Stellwerks), checklist for

overview screen, fixed (festes Überblicksbild)

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passenger information (Fahrgastinformation)

passenger information displays in stations

passengers, announcements to

passengers vs. freight?

photo gallery

preparation of operations (Altstetten)

preparation of operations (Zurich)

preparation of operations (betriebliche Anordnung; BETRANO)

preparation of train data (Zugsdatenaufbereitung; ZDA)

processes, five main

programmed routings (programmierte Fahrwege)

programmierte Fahrwege (programmed routings)

public information

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radio (Funk )

Rangierbahnhof (classification yard)

rail line (description of)


railroad (U.S. English term)

railroading (U.S. English term)

railway (English term)

Rangierfahrstrassen (routings for switching moves)

real-time routing of trains

recovering from disruptions

Rechtbetrieb (running on right-hand track)

red signal in front of train, setting a

Regelbetrieb (operation according to rules in case of a problem with the signaling system)

remote control (traffic control center) (Fernsteurung)

removal of a track section from service (Sperrung)

return of a track section to service (Gleisentsperrung)

reversal of train direction (Spitzkehre )

Rhode Island

right-hand track, running on (Rechtbetrieb)

routing, automatic

routing data, consistency checks for

routing for a train (Fahrstrasse; Zugfahrstrasse)

routing program valid for one year (Jahresprogramm)

routing and schedule data, entry of

routing, semi-automatic

routing for switching moves (Rangierfahrstrasse)

routing system for trains (Zuglenksystem)

routing system, transfer of data to

routing of trains (Zuglenkung)

routing of trains, automatic real-time

routing for work projects

routing, programmed (programmierter Fahrweg)

rules, operation according to (in case of a problem with the signaling system) (Regelbetrieb )

running on left-hand track (Linksbetrieb)

running on right-hand track (Rechtbetrieb)

rush hour

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S-Bahn (suburban line or train)

SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) (Swiss Federal Railways)

schedule and routing data, entry of

schedule and work projects

schedule database (SYFA or System-Fahrplan)

schedule development

schedule in graphic form (graphischer Fahrplan)

schedule planning, national

schedule valid for one year (Jahresfahrplan)

schedule with track assignments (Gleisbelegungsfahrplan )

schedule, measuring deviations from

schedule, tradeoffs with fixed plant



school pupils, effect of

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB) (Swiss Federal Railways)

screen displaying train numbers (Zugnummern-Bild) in Altstetten

screen displaying train numbers (Zugnummern-Bild) in Zurich

screen displaying use of track sections (Zuglaufbild)

secure e-mail (MEMO-System)

separation of train into two sections (Trennen eines Zuges)

semi-automatic routing

Siemens ILTIS traffic control system

Siemens SIMIS-C interlocking plant (Stellwerk)

signal in front of train, setting to red

signal indication (Signalisationsbegriff)

signal, dwarf (Zwergsignal)

signal, main (Hauptsignal)

signaling in cab

signaling, lineside

Signalisationsbegriff (signal indication)

signals, indications of

signals, old and new types of

SIMIC-C interlocking at Altstetten

site map

SMS (short message system)

software for dispatching, choice of

speed optimization, automatic

speaker telephones out in tracks (Wechselsprecher)

Sperrung (removal from service)

Spitzkehre (reversal of train direction)

Spurwechsel (crossover)

station area, track section within (Bahnhofgleisabschnitt )

station tracks, outer (Vorbahnhof in Zurich)

station, manned (bedienter Bahnhof)

stations, passenger information displays at

staying on time

Stellwerk (interlocking plant)



subdivisions of SBB (Kreis)

suburban line or train (S-Bahn)


Swiss Federal Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen; SBB)

switch (Weiche)

SYFA database and work projects

SYFA or System-Fahrplan (schedule database)

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telephones with speakers beside tracks (Wechselsprecher)

television screens


territory of traffic control center (Fernbereich)

TGV in Killwangen


time-distance diagram (Zeitweglinien-Bild)

tools of the operators in the Altstetten control center

tools of the Zurich dispatcher


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T - Track

track assignments, schedule with (Gleisbelegungsfahrplan )

track-diagram display (Zugnummern-Bild) in Altstetten

track-diagram display (Zugnummern-Bild) in Zurich

track-number display (Zugnummern-Bild) in Altstetten

track-number display (Zugnummern-Bild) in Zurich

track out of service (Gleis gesperrt)

track section with false occupied status

track sections, numbering of

track section out of service (Gleissperrung)

track section within station area (Bahnhofgleisabschnitt )

track sections, display of assigned (Zuglaufbild)

track sections, screen displaying use of (Zuglaufbild)

tradeoffs between schedule and fixed plant

traffic control center in Altstetten

traffic control system (ILTIS)

traffic control center (ferngesteurertes Stellwerk; Fernstellwerk)

traffic control center, territory of (Fernbereich )

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T - Train

train connections (Anschlüsse)

train control, automatic (Zugüberwachungssystem)

train control, future

train data preparation (Zugsdatenaufbereitung or ZDA)

train data, basic (Grundzugsdaten)

train data, current (aktuelle Zugsdaten)

train direction, reversal of (Spitzkehre)

train, extra (Dispozug; Extrazug)

train failure, dealing with

train, freight (Güterzug)

train information, national

Trains magazine

train number fields (Zugnummerfelder)

train number, change of (Nummerwechsel)

train numbers, screen displaying (Zugnummern-Bild)

trains, order of (Zugreihenfolge)

train, passenger (Reisezug)

train routing (Fahrstrasse; Zugfahrstrasse)

train routing system (Zuglenksystem), preparation of data for

trains, routing of (Zuglenkung)

train routing system (Zuglenksystem), use of

train routing system, transfer of data to

train routings for work projects

train routings, automatic real-time

train routings, conflicts in

train running times, forecasting

train-routing display (Zuglaufbild)

train sections, joining of two (Vereinigung zweier Züge)

train, separation into two sections (Trennen)

train speed optimization (Zuglaufoptimierung)

transatlantic perspective

transfer of data to real-time train-routing system

Trennen (separation of train into two sections)

turnouts, display of

turnout (Weiche)

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Überblicksbild, festes (fixed overview screen)

Überwerfung (flyover)

Umgehung (override of interlocking plant)

United States

U.S. English

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Vereinigung (joining of two train sections)

video cameras

voice communication

Vorbahnhof in Zurich (outer station tracks)

Vossloh (supplier of dispatching software)

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Wechselsprecher (speaker telephones beside track)

Weiche (turnout; switch)

why English?

work projects and schedule

work projects, conflicts surrounding

work projects, train routings for

written communication

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ZDA - Zugsdatenaufbereitung (train data preparation) for train routings

ZDA - Zugsdatenaufbereitung (train data preparation) for passenger information displays in stations

Zeitweglinien-Bild (time-distance diagram)

Zugdatenaufbereitung - ZDA (train data preparation) for train routings

Zugfahrstrasse (train routing)

Zuglaufbild (display of assigned track sections)

Zuglaufoptimierung (train speed optimization)

Zuglenksystem (train routing system)

Zuglenkung (train routing)

Zugnummerfeld (train number field)

Zugnummern-Bild (track number display) in Altstetten

Zugnummern-Bild (track number display) in Zurich

Zugreihenfolge (order of trains)

Zugsanordnung (order for special train movement)

Zugsdaten, aktuelle (current train data)

Zugsdatenaufbereitung; ZDA (train data preparation)

Zugüberwachungssystem (automatic train control)

Zugweglinien-Bild (time-distance display)

Zurich dispatching center

Zurich main station

Zurich-Altstetten control center

Zurich-Mülligen freight yard

Zwergsignal (dwarf signal)

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