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Developing the schedule

SBB's train schedule is established for each year - for a period running from June to May - on a national basis, with consultation on the European level for international traffic.

A year's schedule contains 10,000 trains operating in the territory of the Zurich dispatching center (one of SBB's three dispatching centers). In this context, a "train" is the schedule for a train movement for which all departure and arrival times are identical on one or more days.

The schedule is created in accordance with market needs. However, it also takes into account myriad constraints presented by the fixed plant, such as number of tracks, speed limits, location and speed limits of turnouts and crossovers, grades, and the lengths of each of a station's platforms.

In planning the schedule for future years, SBB takes into account construction and other projects - such as Altstetten South - slated to enhance the fixed plant between now and then. Although the end result of most work projects is fewer constraints, they often add constraints while they are being carried out.

In creating the schedule, SBB takes the technical running time and adds 7% to it. This gives drivers some chance to make up for any delays.

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