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List of illustrations

Here is a list of the illustrations in this site, including animations, lineside photos, screen shots, and diagrams:


  • Animation showing pattern of operation on new track layout between Killwangen-Spreitenbach and Dietikon
  • Animation showing representation of opening and closing crossing gates (for road traffic crossing rail tracks at grade) in ILTIS traffic control system
  • Animation showing representation of signals, including indication and control status, in ILTIS traffic control system

Lineside photos

At Killwangen-Spreitenbach:
  Westbound container train
  Westbound Intercity Tilting Train (ICN)
  Eastbound train approaching crossover
  Eastbound train going through crossover
  Crossing for baggage carts
  Westbound TGV
  Westbound locomotives about to go through high-speed crossover
At new flyover between Killwangen and Dietikon:
  Intercity Tilting Train (ICN) cresting flyover
  Intercity Tilting Train (ICN) coming down off flyover
At Zurich-Altstetten station:
  Signal governing outbound expresses at west end of platform

Screen shots

At Zurich dispatching center:
  Line from Killwangen to Dietikon
  New flyover between Killwangen and Dietikon (view 1)
  New flyover between Killwangen and Dietikon (view 2)
  Dietikon station
  Schlieren station
  Line from Schlieren to Altstetten
  Altstetten station
  Time-distance diagram
  Time-distance diagram: green band
  Closed-curcuit television
  Teletext screen for public information
  SYFA schedule database
At Altstetten traffic control center:
  New flyover between Killwangen and Dietikon
  Schlieren station
  Altstetten station
  Speed-optimization feature
  Example of closeup screen view
  Train-routing display


Three SBB subdivisions and corresponding dispatching centers
Map of line from Killwangen-Spreitenbach to Zurich
Diagram of new flyover between Killwangen and Dietikon
Concept of time-distance diagram

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